Daily Blogging Tasks

In the beginning, it was very hard for me to keep a schedule with my blog. I needed the chance to grow it whenever I can. Being a homeschooling mom takes a lot out of you.  So to find the right time to work on my blog was hard. Any time they have free play, napping, or after bedtime is the times I try to squeeze some time in for blogging. I do a little at a time rather than do it all at once.

blogging task


I always start off with my emails. Any notifications I get go to my emails. Deleting junk mail can take a long time especially if you miss one day.

Social Media-

Social media is next. Take one thing at a time. Trying to post something at least once a day on each page. Yes, I try to keep up with it all the different platforms. Make sure you add Facebook groups to join, they will help you out a lot. Play fair when posting, it helps you as well if you comment on other blogger posts. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and my Facebook group.


I’m going to put Pinterest in its own category because it’s very important for bloggers.

Make sure you pin something new, add to groups, add new groups, and add new followers.  Also, make sure you are updating pictures and have 4/5 pins for each post. Stay consistent when adding your new pin make sure you have a good description with hashtags. Searching Pinterest also helps me come up with stories and helps me find different ways to hashtag my pins. Don’t forget to use Tailwind.

Posting Blog Stories-

My blog stories came out Mondays. I use to have a WIX account but now use WordPress.org Once I got to 50 posts I went to once a week so I can promote each story enough. I noticed when I did one stories in the week they got more views. Stick to stories that will help or teach someone something. Have fun and say what you feel. I try to have a few stories ready just in case I have a busy week. After my March Blogging Challenge I plan to take it back a notch and go back and edit all my post.

Every day I try to do these few things for my blog and I’m so pleased the way it has been growing. I hope you got some useful information from this post. Let me know if I missed anything. Love ya, Mary xoxo (I’m still learning and growing myself.)


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