How To Save Money On Groceries

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When I was younger and really had no other responsibilities, I would buy whatever! I can’t tell you how much food I wasted. Or what really happened, I overate. I look back and really wish I never wasted so much money on food as I did. I’m going to share some of them tips to help with saving money on groceries.

How to save money on grocries

I feel like a lot of people spend way too much money on food. You have four types of grocery shoppers.

  1. Buys whatever
  2. Buys what they need daily
  3. Crazy coupon lady
  4. Plans a menu and makes a shopping list

I can tell you I have been in every single one of these categories.

You get where you are busy running errands and working that you don’t give yourself time to make a plan. You run to the store after work or on your lunch break and buy what you want. If you didn’t use all the ingredients then you throw them away.

I once was a crazy coupon lady! When I had my first baby and I didn’t go back to work so I had to find a way to save money (plus I needed a hobby). I went totally crazy with it. I ran from store to store trying to find the best deals. IT TOOK A LOT OF TIME!!

Now I quickly plan a menu by looking at the ads. I try to make something that is on sale. I take a peek at my Sunday coupons and check my Ibotta and I make my list. Some stores have digital coupons and I will check those out as well. This takes me no longer than 30 minutes. So worth the time.

I would love to know what kind of grocery shopper you are. Let me know if you have any other tips to share. Have a great weekend:) Love ya, Mary xoxox


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