Biggest Mom Pet Peeves

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Biggest Mom Pet Peeves

Okay, here is a list of my pet peeves along with other moms I know.

You might need to print this out and leave it so your husband or older children can find it. I would love to hear one of the pet peeves you have one.

Getting into an unmade bed ( I don’t make my bed until I’m about to get in it. lol)

Clothes on the floor (NEXT TO THE HAMPER)

Dishes left on the counter

A messy car

Laziness (act like you don’t know how to do something)

People on their phones at the dinner table ( I see this when we go out to dinner…)

Clutter on the counter

Eating food with your mouth open

Not rinsing the dishes off

Lights left on when no one is in the room


Kids toys all over the floor (no one is playing with them)

Wasting food

Leaving cabinet doors open

Not putting the toilet seat down

Shower curtain closed

Not replacing the toilet paper

Not putting the toilet paper in the right way

Let me know if I need to add anything. Have a great day! Love ya, Mary xoxo


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