Benefits of Losing Weight

Know these tips today, and get healthy.

I was always overweight growing up. Once I was a young adult, I felt like I had the freedom to make my own decisions. At that time I didn’t know the benefits of losing weight like I do now. My parents were very good at having us eat good foods but didn’t really explain the importance of food and our health.

Benefits of Losing Weight

I moved out of the house when I graduated school and I am an emotional eater, that is also why I gained a lot of weight. When I got on a scale and was about 200 pounds and that’s when it all hit me hard. I realized it was harder for me to get up and down with the children I watched. My knees and hips hurt all the time. You can see how I lost 55 lbs. here

Once I had my last baby I nursed just over a year, then I got serious about my health again. Once I started eating plant-based foods I really saw a change in my body. Not only did I have more energy, but my knees also didn’t hurt anymore. I didn’t always feel sore anymore. Now I felt comfortable in my own skin, finally. I didn’t have belly problems, skin tags, and eczema any more. Taking out dairy and gluten has completely changed me. My hair is healthier along with my skin too.

Once you get serious enough to lose the weight it will come off and you can keep it off with your hard work. EAT more veggies and fruits and you will surprise yourself when you see a change with your body.


  • No more eczema
  • No more belly issues
  • Healthier hair and skin
  • More energy
  • No more joint issues
  • Feel more confident
  • No more skin tags

Don’t think of it as a diet, think of it as a life change. I have and I have not gone back and I love it. I hope this helped you. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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  1. Losing weight is amazing process. But it can be scary too. Being in the Army, and due to the outdated weight standards, I feel like I have been subjected to body shaming. I am not a fat person, I’m just really curvy and tall. When I tell people that I never make weight, they look at me crazy. I’m like yeah I get body shamed for having a big butt and big boobs and I have to get taped every time. The only time that I could say that I would have made weight was ironically enough when I was pregnant and in my first trimester. I lost 20lbs because of all day sickness. I thought it was so ironic how I would have been able to make weight if they would have put me on a scale and it took me to be pregnant! Smh. Xoxo,Kayla | Mommy Blogger | My Motherhood Made Easy

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