27 Outside Activities For Children

Do you have children that love to be outside? My boys want to be outside all the time, in the summer they are out in the pool. Winter, on the other hand, I have to come up with things to keep them entertained so they are not digging holes throughout my yard.

outside activities

I’m going to share some outdoor entertainment for all children of all ages, that will get your children wanting to go outside and out of mischief.

Outside Activities

Flying a kite

Chalk art (hopscotch)

Tag, chase, or races

Bikes, scooters, or skates

Jump rope

Hula hooping


Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor painting (paint with nature, pine needles)


Picking fruits (taking care of plants)

Search for birds with binoculars

Finding bugs with magnifying glasses

Go for a walk (even if it’s to the mailbox or trash)


Pick up trash around your neighborhood

Soccer, baseball, basketball, football, volleyball

Bubble blowing

Rock painting

Hide and seek (they like to also hide objects to find)

Ring toss

Relay races

Outdoor Yard games

Homemade Bowling (recycled items)

Outdoor picnic

Feed the birds

Sand box or table with few small toys

Water play (sprinklers, water balloons, water gun fights, mini pool with water toys)

outside activities

I got an outdoor game set we use for family events but I pull it out from time to time and they have lots of fun. They are competitive like their mama:) These game will be perfect to add to your outdoor curriculum. Gross motor stills are so important for children.

I hope you enjoyed my outdoor entertainment and give them a try if you haven’t already. Please share and save for later.  Let me know if I missed something. Enjoy! Love ya, Mary xoxo


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