Living Without A Microwave


I know a lot of people that use a microwave everyday. I use to be one of those people. We microwaved everything! I also was overweight and unhealthy then too. Anything you can put in a microwave is not fresh or healthy.


Microwaves use radiation to cook your food. Microwaves destroy the nutrients in foods. I have been living without a microwave for about three years now. I’m so glad our family made that decision.


In the beginning, my husband always heated his water up in the microwave for his instant coffee so we got a tea kettle instead. I love popcorn instead on of getting the microwave bags I pop it on the stove top. WAY BETTER!! We don’t eat frozen meals, I am able to make things fresh and if I have leftovers I stick it in the oven or reheat it or put it on the stove top.


Microwaves make your food radioactive and release toxic radiation. Please don’t even get me started on microwaving in plastic containers. Microwaves cause harmful chemicals to leak out of plasticware. NOT good!!!


I have been wanting to do the plant experiment, where you take two identical plants and you water one with microwaved water and the other with boiling tap water. Check out this Youtube video and you decide which is the healthier plant.


So, what do you think? Will you reconsider the microwave now? Or maybe just use it less then you have. Let me know if you already go without a microwave. Have a great day. Love ya, Mary xoxo



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