Do Your Boys Like Potty Humor?

OMG!! I’ve have been super busy today!! We have been going all day. It really has been a long time for my boys and I to get out of the house and have some fun. We started off with the boring stuff….grocery shopping, hardware store, and pool supply store.

Do Your Boys Have Potty Humor_

Then the boys went to see their friend’s baseball game. We invited them to go strawberry picking. It was an hour drive, turns out it was already closed:( But we ended up going to a close by park and of course, they loved that. On the way home all the boys were telling poopy jokes. My friend and I were a little nervous to hear what they were about to come up with. We were able to laugh it off though.

Once we dropped them off I spontaneously took the boys to the movies to see #Wonderpark. It was so cute. We then had to do something for mommy… TARGET!! The boys groaned a little but were okay after we picked out some tricks for April 1st. By the way, it’s two days away!!

We were on the way home and decided to take a quick stop to see daddy at work. On the way, I told the boys I needed them to help me with a blog idea for my last two days of my March Blog challenge. What do they pick for me… They tell me to write about potty humor.

It kind of made me laugh, then I thought about it. What other children like potty humor? Is it just my boys??? I asked them when they started liking potty humor and they told me when they were three and a HALF!! LOL, They continued to tell me because it’s just funny. I’d like to know what other mother has to deal with potty humor? Honestly, I think they started this since we seen Captain Underpants.

Bradly, my six-year-old- “Knock knock, who’s there, poopy, poopy who, poopy you.”

Kyle, my four-year-old- “Knock, knock, who’s there, pee pee, pee pee who, I want to pee on you.

I really don’t know where they come up with this stuff!! LOL, Well time for me to snuggle with these crazy boys and have some dairy-free ice cream (FYI, my favorite now is Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia)together:) Hope you have a great weekend. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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