Have Fun This Summer With Your Kids

Okay, so you are sitting there counting down the days until school is out, scrambling around trying to plan for the summer. Look no further I would like to share some amazing ideas with you.

I love summer with the kids. Even though we pretty much homeschool all year, it’s more relaxed through the summer. During the school year, we are very strict with our school work and have a routine. Where the summer we can really have fun. We take are learning on the go. I let the kids get out more and interact more with other children.

Take a look in your community to find out what you can do for free or cheap.

The movie theater by our house has dollar movies for the summer and dollar snacks at the concession stand. But if we drive 20 minutes down the road, that movie theater does FREE summer kid movies.

We also have a roller skating rink that charges $2 for two hours of skating one day of the week.

Burger King does .50 ice cream cones through the summer by us as well, perfect to do after a long day at the park. Which parks will have some fun activities to do with children. Painting rocks is something our community does, a community church sets up a table so the kids can paint rocks. Then when they dry the kids will hide them around the park or other locations in our community so other people can find them. Our park also has a water park the kids like.

Our community library has lots of free kid activities. They will have reading clubs throughout the whole summer. They have movie and popcorn nights, Lego clubs along with several other clubs the children can join.

Another thing my kids love to do over the summer is go bowling. Our bowling alley will offer a program over the summer, $10 dollars will get you ten games to play though the summer.

If traveling outside the house is not an option for you find things you can do around the house. I love to find a theme for the week and let the kids use their imagination.

For an example; if you tell them you are doing camping for the week. Let them build pillow forts, box forts, or have indoor tents. Make s’mores for a snack throughout the week. Do indoor activities that you would do outside with the children. Maybe at the end of the week, you can actually go camping, even if it’s in your backyard.

Have fun with your kiddos and enjoy this time with your little ones. check out some outdoor fun with your children here. Don’t forget to explore new areas. Parks and beaches are always fun. Enjoy your summer. Love ya, Mary xoxo

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