What Kind Of House Should You Buy?

Are you ready to purchase a home? Do you know what you are looking for?

Our first home was a townhouse, our second house was a thirty-year-old home, and our third house is a new build. Which is best for you? What would you ideally pick? Have you ever made a Pros and Cons list? Well, here is our lists for you. Find the steps of purchasing a home here!



Perfect for a small family

Close to neighbors (if that’s your thing)

No yard work (perfect for busy families)

Amenities included (pool)


Amenities can be pricey.

Stairs get really annoying

Too small for bigger families

No yard for dogs and kids

No garage (for us)

Your neighbors hear everything!


Get a better deal

Move in quicker

You know how the house has settled

Also, You can see how the area has held up

You can see the mature landscape


It can be a money pit

Out dated

Not energy efficient

NEW HOUSE (pros)

Everything is new


You can pick out what you want

You don’t have to worry about fixing anything!

NEW HOUSE (cons)

It can take too long for build

(if you buy in a community)

There are usually high HOAs and CDDs

The houses can look cookie cutter

Some can be very close to neighbors

Can have small lots

You don’t know how the neighborhood will stand up.

Here are my pros and cons for our houses we lived in. Well, our new home is just finished. I’m super excited that we found something affordable that was close to my hometown with a bigger lot. I want to hear what you would pick for your dream home. Follow me on instagram.com/Mamarohrerspride to follow my new house adventures. Love ya, Mary xoxox

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