How To Have An Elegant Baby Shower

Pink shower

Have you ever been to a baby shower and thought, this could be a wedding? My sister goes overboard when she plans a party. I wish I would have taken pictures when she put a backyard wedding together. This time I knew better not miss out on this baby shower.

Molly, my sister is very good at coming up with parties and decorating ideas. Well, all my three sisters do. Me on the other hand, I’m not very good at putting big parties together. I barely put myself together on most days.

My niece found out she was pregnant when she was three months along and loves elephants and the color pink. My sister took those ideas and made a perfect baby girl shower. She would look at Facebook Marketplace to find good deals on décor. But, she got a lot of her stuff from Amazon as well.

We put clear orbees and pink big marbles inside big vases. Look at what happens when you add water to the vases. BAM! Just beautiful. Just remember not to add water to the top because the orbees are still absorbing the water.

She got all the table cloths and chair covers at Amazon. She had the sashes from the last event she created. Just remember those sashes and chair covers need to be iron if not, they have a crease.

Molly set the front table up for sign-in. She made an adorable frame with baby’s sonogram picture, she decided to use that to have everyone to sign-in on. She also added a basket for everyone to drop off books for the baby. (a message in the invitations about this)

We had “build your own sandwich bar” that was very lovely. There was fruit and veggies in trays and yummy desserts.

Lastly, She had someone create fancy desserts. There was tea cups set up in the back by the desserts and the feel of this party felt so elegant. Everyone had so much fun and had fun playing baby shower games as well.

Weeks of planning and it turned out wonderful. Mommy and daddy were very pleased with everything!!! What was the theme of your baby shower? Have a happy shower. Love ya, Mary xoxo

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