Get Your Child Eating New Foods

I’m always hearing, “how do you get your kids to try new foods?”

When I was younger, we ate basic kid food. (Chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, hotdogs, spaghetti, mac and cheese, and pizza.) We ate the same few canned or frozen veggies. My parents weren’t good with trying new things, I guess. Or nobody taught them to use different spices and try new recipes. I have a few tips to help your children try new foods.

try new foods

I’ve been with my husband for about 14 years, and he has eaten everything I served him. He always asked me to use more seasoning. I was such a plain-Jane kind of girl that I never really used spices other than salt and pepper. I was that young adult still ordering chicken nuggets when we went out to dinner. HAHA

Over the 14 years, I met several people that taught me different recipes. That had tons of spices in them! I was nervous at first but then decided I should give it a try. Once I started using more spices, I haven’t looked back.

I’m sure you have heard “Actions speak louder than words.” and “Lead by example.” We need to show our children we are trying new foods and recipes as well.

My kids hated all the food I gave them. I mean EVERYTHING! They would gag on their food and cry every dinner time. But, once I started trying plant-based foods, they watched me trying new foods every day. I tried lots of new recipes for the whole family, and we would try them all together. Sometimes we would all try it and throw the whole dish away because we didn’t like it. Other times the kids would be asking for more.

We all have been introduced to many new recipes that we all have gotten turns picking out. When there are options for the kids to choose from they are more willing to try. Let them help pick out the ingredients and help prepare. I also have a post on how my kids like their veggies check it out here.

Also, let your children know there are so many ways to prepare foods, so try them more than once. For example; They hate chili but once I make them chili cheese fries BAM! They are eating it up.

So to Recap:

*Try new foods as a family.
*Let your children pick out recipes.
*Let them pick out the ingredients and help prepare.
*Try foods in different ways.
*Try foods more than once.

I hope you enjoyed my list and give it a try. Change the way your whole family eats and “lead by example.” Your family will be thanking you. Let me know if you give it a try. Good luck and have fun. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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14 Replies to “Get Your Child Eating New Foods”

  1. My daughter is 7 and there isn’t a food she won’t eat or at least try! We have always given her foods that we eat, with lots of flavor and spices and as a result, curries and sushi are two of her favorite things! I definitely thing letting kids help with the cooking process helps them eat more!

    1. It really makes a difference when you include them in preparing food. I have one that refuses to try new foods and one that will eat everything.

  2. I think you’re spot on: the best way to get kids to eat new foods is to try them yourself! (And make it a normal part of the routine.) My oldest is 2, and he’ll eat anything. He’s gotten a little more opinionated as he gets older, but he’s really pretty good. He eats things that surprise a lot of people!

  3. I know first hand the importance of letting your child be involved in the food making process helps them try different foods. I was that child, I hated trying anything new and yup almost always did the gag thing. Until my mom started letting me help out in the kitchen and then oohing and aahing about how good my “cooking” had turned out. I couldn’t wait to try my masterpiece and share it with my siblings who were also curious if it was as good as mom said. Great tips!

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