Fun Ice Cream Preschool Activities

Great ideas for Ice Cream Week!!!

I have some fun ideas for “Ice Cream” week. We usually did ice cream theme activities at the beginning of summer. But I decided that I wanted to do it for the beginning of the new school year. I found tons of ice cream stuff at Target on sale at the end of summer and thought it would be perfect for the new year. Also, check out our Teddy bear Preschool theme from last year>>HERE<<.

ice cream preschool projects


Tissue Paper Ice cream cone
All About Me

Tissue paper ice cream cone is great for fine motor skill (ripping and cutting the paper). The kids always love doing this project. The all about me project was perfect for the start of the new year. Also, the yard sale stickers were great to work on patterns, plus the kids love using stickers.

easy ice cream projects


Sorting colors
Number Ice cream match

ice cream math centers
These fun ideas were easy to make and anyone can do them.

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Uppercase and Lowercase match and Alphabet Match- Matching the upper case and lower case letters. Also, I had them put the alphabet in order.

language centers


Make bag Ice cream
Exploding Ice cream

The kiddos had lots of fun exploding ice cream (baking soda and vinegar). Making bag ice cream is also loves of fun. They got tired of shaking and ended up having milkshakes:)

science ice cream ideas

Fine Motor:

Sensory ice cream bin
Sprinkle trace

The sprinkles were a hit (and all over the place). The sensory ice cream shop was adorable. We used cotton balls and beads and they loved scooping up the “ice cream” and buying ice cream.

fine motor ice cream ideas

Gross Motor:

Ice cream toss
Ice cream hopscotch

We played share the ice cream and ice cream toss. I also made hopscotch that looked like an ice cream cone and they loved that (forgot to take pictures).

Gross motor ice cream activities

So these were on the top of the children’s list that were their favorite activities. The kids had lots of fun. I broke it down a bit with pictures. I would recommend, “Should I Share My Icecream?” This book was so cute, and you can also talk about why ice cream melts.

ice cream fun

I hope you enjoyed our Ice Cream week. We sure did! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me. So if you enjoyed this post share with a friend:) If you need a yearly planner check out the one I use >>HERE<< Love ya, Mary xoxo

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