11 Ways To Entertain Your Children On Thanksgiving

You just stuffed yourself at your family’s Thanksgiving dinner. Now it’s time to relax! WAIT! The kids want to be entertained now!?! That’s no fun for you. I have some ideas that will entertain your little ones so you can put your feet up for just…few… minute.

Thanksgiving desserts

Fun Thanksgiving Family Activities

When I was growing up, we always put on a play for the adults. The kids would work on what they were going to say, dance, wear, and sing while food was cooking. Then we put on the show after everyone ate dinner.

Outside games are always fun for us to do, especially when you are trying to make some room for dessert. Check out my post on outside games >>HERE<<.

Easy crafts for your school-aged children to do. You can get easy crafts that have all the pieces at Wal-mart or a dollar store close to you.

Thanksgiving Fun

In addition, to the crafts the toddlers love to scribble and can scribble right at the table with you, on the paper tablecloths.

OMG!! My family is very competitive and we always play family games. That’s right, go ahead and dust off the games from the closet and get ready for some fun!! Our go-to game is Bingo. Get this fun Sight word Fall Bingo Game HERE!

As crazy as it seems, my family has done a turkey drawing contest every year. The newest member of the family gets to pick the one they like the most.

Create a Scavenger hunt! We usually do a scavenger hunt on Easter, but it would be lots of fun for the little ones to help search for fun Thanksgiving items as well.

Now, this is a tradition, I would like to start with my family, everyone writes a thank you note to someone. I think this is so sweet and it could keep the kids busy for a while.

Word searches are a fun and easy way to keep the kids at their seats. Get one >>HERE<<.

You can play Minute it to win it games. Like, tying an empty box around your waist and put feathers inside. Then start shaking those tail feathers! Set a timer for each person and see how long it takes them to get all the feathers out the fastest.

Last but not least, let the children help with food prep whenever you can. Let them make their own turkey cookies this year. Check out this post >>HERE<<. They turned out so cute and the kids had a blast making them.

To Recap Thanksgiving Entertainment

  • Create a play
  • Outside games
  • Easy crafts
  • Family games
  • Coloring
  • Turkey Drawing Contest
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Write a Thank you note
  • Word search
  • Shake your tail feathers
  • Make a dessert (try these no bake healthy brownies)
Thanksgiving word search

Sit back and relax and enjoy your family time this year. If you would like to check out all of our Thanksgiving family traditions, click HERE! If you have any other traditions for Thanksgiving let me know in the comments. Please don’t for get to share and save for next year. Happy Thanksgiving. Love ya, Mary xoxo

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  1. Ahh these ideas will be so perfect for this Thanksgiving! We have a lot of family with kiddos, including our own, and they definitely need activities to keep busy with

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