Stop Propping Bottles!!

Dangers of propping bottles

I worked in childcare for 15 years before I became a SAHM. I’ve seen so many people propping bottles. I see how easy and convenient it might be to prop a scream baby’s bottle but, it’s dangerous.

I was walking around Wal-mart, and I found this young mother pushing her infant in the cart. All I could see was a blanket and a bottle sticking up in the air. I cringe every time I see this!

I have seen this time after and time and I don’t think mothers realize how dangerous it can be. The causes of not holding your baby’s bottle are suffocation, drowning, ear infections, tooth decay, and loss of bonding time.

When a child is too small to hold their bottle, parents throw blankets under the bottle. When the bottle falls out of the baby’s mouth, then the blanket will fall on his face. If you are not watching, this can cause suffocation.

Some bottle nipples can be too large for your baby. When the flow is too quick it can cause the baby to cough and choke. Once they start coughing, the bottle can slip out of the baby’s mouth, with milk possibly going into the baby’s nose.

A lot of older children might sleep with their bottles, but this can cause ear infections and tooth decay. The milk can go in through the Eustachian tube, causing bacteria which leads to ear infections. Meanwhile, the milk is pooling up in his mouth, sitting on those little teeth and gums can cause tooth decay.

The bonding time you have with your baby goes by so quickly. Hold on to your baby as long as you can. Take the few extra minutes to hold your baby’s bottle for long-lasting, healthy life. Make sure the baby doesn’t suck up air because this causes gas as well.

Stop using this “mom hack” to save time. As you can see, it’s dangerous. I didn’t realize all the dangers of propping bottles until a took an annual classes. I hope this post helps you understand why propping bottles can be so dangerous. Check out my birth story with my boys Bradly and Kyle. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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