Snowman Party

My boys love coming up with little parties for us to have over the weekend. We haven’t done one in a while. Our last one was a robot party a year ago. (not including their birthday) They wanted to do a snowman party (probably because they want to see snow). This time they wanted to invite their friends.

The boys had so much fun with the snowman party. Just a reminder, boys like their own time to play especially, if they have their friends with them. The boys enjoy the activities/projects but they rush through it a little. I found that after a loud and high energy activity, to follow it with a quieter activity.

The boys exchanged gifts with each other. So, the first thing they wanted to do was OPEN THE GIFTS! They of course, then wanted to play with the new nerf guns. Once they played a little I had them calm down to do a snowman project. Which of course, ended with a “snowball fight”.

After dinner, I had them play pin the nose on the snowman and then stack as many marshmallows as they could. We decorated snowman sugar cookies.

They took turns racing to see who could make their partner into a snowman first. Then they took turns tossing the snowman down, I made with styrofoam cups.

Once they were all sugared up, we settled down to watch a movie with some hot chocolate and popcorn.

In the morning, they had a “snowman” breakfast. They made snowman Christmas cards and ornaments for their grandparents/parents. I think we were all exhausted after this weekend, but they are already asking for another party.

I hope you enjoyed and hope you have a great snowman party as well. Let me know if I missed something, I could add for next time. I also have some fun winter activities you can take a look at HERE. Happy Holidays! Love ya, Mary xoxo


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