Free Crochet Mask Pattern

For Children and Adults

Everything you do, big or small is important to your community. While several sit at home. Many are still working and exposing themselves to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). I am a stay home mom and homeschool my boys. It’s important to me to teach them how to be good people and help their community any way they can. Follow along for your FREE crochet mask pattern.

crochet mask pattern

My husband is a meat cutter at our local grocery store and has worked very hard every day for our family. But recently he has been working extremely hard to keep meat cut and available for all the customers. I’m so very proud of him for supporting our family the way he does. I really wanted to try to find something I could do to help him and his coworkers.

With the face mask shortage, we have right now, I decided I could try to make him a mask. Finding some extra fabric that I had around the house I tried to sew a face mask but quickly realized I didn’t sew very well. Since I enjoy crocheting, I grabbed out my hook and stash of yarn and came up with this face mask pattern (after many fail attempts).

material for face mask

I would love to share this comfy crochet mask pattern with all of you. Once I figured out the crochet face mask pattern, I started making them for all the workers at the grocery store. I have handed out over 2 dozen within the last week. It feels good being able to help my community. My children also, of course, wanted a face mask, even though they don’t leave the house. I made them be part of the experience too. They have helped me sew on the fabric and add the filters. But when they need a break, they stay busy with this building block fun packet and learn with Legos.

What you will need for crochet mask pattern …

adult crochet mask
Children crochet mask


With the crochet face mask that can tie around the head, they stay on your face better and they are soft and comfortable. They are reusable and can be hand washed and hung to dry or set on delicate in the dryer. I recommend changing filter throughout the day. Also if you have thicker hair or a big hair style I would recommend making the chains bigger, maybe 70 chains.

Thank you for you for stopping by! Please share this pattern! We got this and we can beat COVID-19 together. If you have helped your community let me know, I love hearing stories of true heroes? Love ya, Mary xoxo


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