Family Movie Night

Free Printable money, theater tickets, cost sheet, and sign!

Who’s ready to go to the movies again? Typically, we have a family date night on Fridays. Since we have a stay home order, we have a family date night at home. When you have a good imagination, you can create anything or go anywhere.

We have created a lot of fun date night ideas. The kids love digging through the recycling bin and finding things they can create to make a bowling alley or mini-golf course. We also have set the table and made a theme dinner night (Italian, Mexican, or BBQ). Or jumped on a plane or train and traveled to another country. But our favorite family date is movie night. We have a very big movie collection and love movies!!

I have made it into a game all week for them to be ready for movie night by Friday. I made money, tickets, signs, and a movie cost sheet for snacks. This keeps the kids productive throughout the week and they can enjoy a treat at the end of the week.

You, of course, can set up a chore list or schoolwork incentives to get them completing all their work to earn money.  

Some of our ways to make money in our family are: 

Making beds-$1

Cleaning up toys after use-$1

Set or clean up dinner table-$1


Complete school work for the day-$2

Any other chore they decide to do will get them money-$1

Bonus this is a great way to teach children about money and help them with simple math skills. If you laminate the money, it can be used over again for other family fun activities.

Our next movie night will be Dolittle. They just saw the original Dr. Dolittle so I think they will enjoy this movie with all the animals. If you are interested in the free PDF, the link is >>HERE<< Enjoy and let me know in the comments where your family decided to go. Stay Safe! Please share. Love ya, Mary xoxo


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