Fun Ways To Help Your Child Adapt To Wearing Masks

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After harassing my oldest sister to guest blog for me she finally gave in. I’m so excited she picked this topic to write about, because it is so important, at a time like this. And a lot have been wondering how their children were going to get use to their masks. Children love wearing masks for playing dress-up or using them to play some sports, but it might be a little different for your children to adjust this year. But I love how Megan gives fun ways to help your child adapt to wearing masks. Thanks, Megan?

A Little About our Guest Blogger

Megan has over 30 years’ experience in preschool education, children’s ministry, and human services. She is currently studying to be a Pastor. 

Megan’s hobbies include spending time with family, reading, and helping her husband with their sign and design business.

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The new school year is here, and many kids will be returning with a new accessory…. MASKS. Even families that home school, will find themselves in a need of masks for field trips and gatherings.

A year ago, masks were not something we talked about. Now they seem to be the “stars” of 2020. Instead of talking about celebrity couples or the newest binge-worthy series. Masks are the thing everyone loves to hate.

It is important for children to feel safe and comfortable with this new “norm”. As adults, we can have the opportunity to help ease any of the fears and give them the tools for a positive experience.


There are so many styles, colors, and designs for masks. Kids love having a choice. Allow your child to pick several different masks that help them express who they are and what they like. Check out some different patterns >>HERE<<.


Practice wearing mask at home, where it is cool and comfortable. Everyone in the family can practice wearing the mask while doing puzzles, building a tower, or dressing up as a superhero. A little time each day will help your child get comfortable in their mask.


We are all having a hard time getting used to wearing masks, but your children are looking at you to see how you are doing. Stay Positive!! It will help the whole family. Always wear your mask when it is required, it will show the kiddos that it is important to follow the rules.


Kids like to know “why”. Explain the importance and benefits of wearing masks. Even your littlest children will understand that the mask help us stay safe and keep others safe, as well.


Show children how to safely wear masks, take them on and off and how to store them during a fun family relay game.

Have a family game night wearing masks.

Have a mask decorating contest. Add some flare and personality to your masks with fabric paint.


There are some great lanyards that are available so that children can keep their mask around their necks. You can even make or decorate your own. These are helpful so the kids have a safe place to keep their masks while they are eating and so they do not lose them while running around. Clean and dirty mask bags are a great way to make sure that your kids are safely storing their dirty masks. Always make sure to send a few fresh masks each day and wash all masks after use.

Remember… We are all in this together.

Thanks, Mamarohrerspride for allowing me to share these tips with your readers. Have a beautiful day. Megan


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  1. These are great tips! It’s not easy to adapt to wearing a mask everyday, even for adults! But having different & fun patterns to choose from makes it a bit more fun! x

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