First Week of School Theme Ideas

For Preschool and Kindergarteners

Are you trying to find a good theme for the first week of school? I have a FUN, easy plan here for you. Pete the Cat is one of our favorite book series. We own quite a few of them. I would love to share some fun activities you can do with your preschool/kindergartener.


  • Patterns with buttons (Different colors or different shapes)
  • Adding and subtracting buttons
  • Ten frame practice
  • Counting buttons
  • Button sorting
  • Measure shoes with buttons


  • Mixing Colors
  • Making Slime (add some buttons)
  • Making snacks (graham cracker, yellow icing, with skittle or M&M for the buttons)
  • Shoe Lacing
  • Water or sand table with buttons
  • Play-Doh with buttons


  • Riddle scavenger hunt around classroom
  • Write about your favorite pair of shoes
  • Position Words
  • All About Me Info Sheet
  • Draw a good friend
  • Retelling the story

Art Activities:

  • Paint a shoe (canvas shoes or cardboard shoes)
  • P is for Pete the cat
  • Pete the Cat mask
  • Lace button friendship bracelet
  • Paper plate button
  • Toilet paper Pete the Cat

Reading Books: Pete the Cat

  • And His Four Groovy Buttons
  • Rocking in My School Shoes
  • I Love My White Shoes
  • The Bus Stop
  • And The New Guy
  • And the Surprise Teacher

We had some fun this week with buttons. You can find some big buttons >>HERE<< But the ones I had, we have had for years! We took the big buttons and each took turns being “Pete the Cat”, Pete would hide the big buttons around the yard and we ran around finding all the buttons that rolled away. Another fun group activity was when we did pin the button on “Pete the Cat”

During circle time, you can discuss the different obstacles Pete the Cat has to face. Asking the children what they would do in the different situations that Pete had to face. I have a Back to school, Pete the Cat Packet that I created, check it out >>HERE<<. I can’t wait to hear how your first week of school went. Let me know what you chose to do. Have fun this year and come back for more theme ideas. What are your favorite Pete the Cat books? Check out our ice cream theme and our teddy bear theme we did for the first week of as well. Love ya, Mary xoxo

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