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Is this your first year homeschooling your children? Are you homeschooling because of COVID-19? This is my third year homeschooling my children but before this I worked with preschoolers over 15 years. I want to point you in the right direction to find free resource while homeschooling your little ones.

How do I teach my child what they need to learn?

If you are starting out with your preschooler or kindergarten your first concern can be, how do I teach my child what they need to learn. I have been through this along with other moms, it’s normal to feel this way. But I want to give you a list of things that you can start off with.

By the end of the year, your preschooler should know:

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters and sounds
  • Spell and write their name
  • Understand directions
  • Use Sentences
  • Vocabulary is growing (They can ask you if they don’t understand something)
  • Identify main idea in a story
  • Able to retell the story
  • Understand emotions verbal and non-verbal
  • Taking turns and how to resolve
  • Appreciate a book (holds in right, turns the page correctly, pretends to read, follow the words)
  • Points to pictures and asks questions
  • They’re able to answer questions after the story (what happened, what do you think will happen next)
  • Opposites
  • Draw pictures
  • Prepositions (under, over, top)
  • Combine Syllables (Snow + man = snowman and delete syllables (candy-dy=can)
  • Rime words [c]at [h]at

Where do I find all the work for my child?

Don’t worry when they are young, they will learn better with hands on activities and games. But I have found some FREEBIES for you, to save some time. (If you want to create lesson plans like me, don’t forget to check out my, how to guide on creating your own lesson plans with a link on a yearly planner to keep you organized.)

I’m just going to start off by saying, you can find so much online for free for your little ones. 15 years when I was first looking for stuff it was a lot harder to find good quality work. But the way technology has blossom you can have your children do work right on the computer.

They are called BOOM cards.

Let me tell you it’s a whole new world! My boys love games, I mean I have turned everything into a game. These Boom cards are so much fun, and you can find so many different kinds. If you like to find things with certain themes, like me or if you are looking for a different subject you can use boom cards. Plus, if you don’t have the extra ink and want to keep your kiddos busy, Boom cards will be the best way to go.

Boom Card Links

Beginning Sounds with Food by Jo Jo’s Jungle

Counting to Ten by Terrific Teaching Tactics

Speech Therapy Cards by Angie S

Sorting Food by Visuals For All

Letter A by The Primary Brain

Morning Meeting by Edu with Emily

Days of the Week by The KNA Shop

Prepositions by Twin Speech Language and Literacy

Here are a few Freebie Printables (that I feel are important to add in your school day.)

Rainbow Fish Story Telling by Marcelle’s KG Zone

Alphabet Charts (in 3 different languages) by The Teacherly Life

Shape Matching by Grow Learning

Riddle Box Activity by Disco Smoothies

Brain Break Activities by The Child Development Specialist Blog

Fun Letter Activity by KC Kindergarten

Rainbow Tally Activity by Smiley Miley Kindergarten

Number Coloring Pages by K4H

A Garden Guided Reading Book by Gina Hickerson

CVC Worksheet by Miss Carlee

Things That Are Brown Activities by The Neon Classroom Teacher

Name Activity by Playing Preschool

Monthly Calendar by Spell Janelle

5 Little Monkey Chart Story by AisforAdventuresofHomeschool

Editable Spanish Scavenger Hunt by La tienda de Senora

I want you to remember to never compare your family to others. Do what is best for your family. Stay away from negative people and you know your child better than anyone else. Find support in homeschooling groups and understand your states laws. Have fun and enjoy this precious time with your children. If you would like to see what our routine is, Check >>HERE<<.

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  1. This is a great resource and I’m going to reference this through the year! I have a first year preschooler (3 years old) this year, and we’re doing the Blossom and Root Early Years 1 curriculum this year. I’m super excited about it!

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