Free Fall Bingo Sight Word Game

For Kindergarteners

It is about that time we can all snuggle up and stay inside and play some games. Not that we haven’t done that most of this year. But when it comes to Fall time, it becomes more acceptable. I have a Fall sight word Bingo game for Kindergarteners for FREE. I am going to break it down how I put it together and show you how to play Bingo sight word game. There are 86 words. All the Preschool and Kindergarten Dolch Sight words. If you are interested in those flash card words along with more sight word activities, then you don’t want to miss this post HERE!

bingo sight word game

Putting it together

If you haven’t already, head over to my Teachers pay Teachers store and pick up your FREE PDF copy of this Fall Bingo game. RIGHT HERE! There is a total of 15 pages. 7 Fall boards and 86 sight words included. Print all sheets and cut out the words with the dotted lines around them. I left two blank cards just in case any words get lost.

cut and laminate

Then I laminate theses little cards. Make sure you leave space in between the cards so they don’t stick together. If you are like me, I love to laminate everything I put my hands on. I got a Scotch laminator and the thermal laminating pouches (100 count) for a reasonable price. The laminator folds right up and fits in my desk drawer when I’m not using it. I laminate the bingo boards and they fit right in the pouch perfectly and there is no cutting needed. When you are sliding the pouches in the laminator make sure the open end goes in last, so it goes in smoothly. Also, make sure the indicator button is on showing that it is all warmed up. If you put it in before it has time to heat up it will not heat together. It is a quick warm up though.

how to laminate

Play the Bingo Game

Bingo is our Thanksgiving family tradition we have done for many years. There are no free spots in this game, but the kiddos will like playing this game a lot. I had little pumpkin and acorn pieces I got at the Dollar Tree a few years back. But you can use mini erasers too, found at Target’s dollar spot. You can have them play it different ways. They can fill up the card or by a row or maybe even corners. Also, I let them take turns calling out the sight words for each other as well.

winning bingo


I love creating learning games for my kiddos. They love to learn especially when everything is turned into a game. If you are homeschooling for your first year or practicing sight words through virtual learning. You and your kids will enjoy practicing sight words and they might even come to you to play again. Please don’t forget to check out our other sight word games we play, and I would love you to let me know any other games we can try out. Sight words are practiced for a few years and it’s nice to have different games and learning activities to choose from.

bingo game

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