My Fur Babies

Our crazy story


I love my Fur babies. Call us crazy, about fifteen months ago we got the cutest, 6-week-old, Catahoula pups. Male is Shadow and female is Maddie. Yes, PUP(S)!! Why you ask, my husband and I had been talking about how we wanted to get two bigger dogs. The opportunity came up and we got the last two pups from the litter. I was thinking it would be easy to have the pups grow up together. So, we didn’t have to go through the puppy stage twice.

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Sharing is Caring

Raising My Boys Differently

Do you raise your children differently?

With my boys two years apart, you wouldn’t think that I would raise them so differently, as I do. I know many friends that raise their son and daughter differently or children far apart in age.  For an example, my oldest sister and I are twelve years apart, of course, we were raised differently. But I raise my boys completely different, even being two and half years apart.

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Sharing is Caring