Fun Ways To Help Your Child Adapt To Wearing Masks

Guest Blogging Day

After harassing my oldest sister to guest blog for me she finally gave in. I’m so excited she picked this topic to write about, because it is so important, at a time like this. And a lot have been wondering how their children were going to get use to their masks. Children love wearing masks for playing dress-up or using them to play some sports, but it might be a little different for your children to adjust this year. But I love how Megan gives fun ways to help your child adapt to wearing masks. Thanks, Megan?

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Sharing is Caring

$40 Grocery List For The Whole Week

I know most people can easily spend $200 a week on groceries.

I think everyone will go through a hard time once in their life. When my husband and I moved to South Carolina by ourselves (for only a year) we had a hard time when we got there. My husband didn’t get his transfer and I didn’t find a job for the first month we were there. We found cheap meals until we got our jobs, and I would like to share them with you.

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Sharing is Caring