Healthy Road Trip Snacks

We are going to the Wolf Lodge to surprise our 4-year-old for his birthday. My kids have no idea and I’m so excited. We have never been and they have been asking to go for a while now. We always told them no because it was too far away. (It’s only 7 hours away). You know as well as I do that 7 hours is an eternity for small children for a road trip. My children are really good on road trips though. Here is a post about some things I have in the car to entertain them with.

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Do You Have An Emergency Bag?

Keep one in the car!

We all have to admit that at some point of parenting, we ran out the door with nothing for our children. If you haven’t, your time will come. Haha. Once we have children it seems our minds are all over the place. I actually packed all the kids bags for a little night getaway and drove away leaving the bags in the driveway. Thankfully I had our emergency bags in the car.

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Family Trip to Sky Top Apple Orchard

In beautiful North Carolina!


A family trip to Sky Top Orchard in North Carolina is a place you want to be in the fall. They have amazing views and so worth the drive up the mountain. We decided to pack up our bags and go for a little trip. I love when we go on quick little getaways, especially when we have to drive. Usually, people don’t like to drive with two small children but I love it. The kids enjoy it too. Check out THIS blog of activities for the kids in the car.

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