Candy Cane Family Fun

Christmas DIY

For the last few years, my family has come up with a progressive dinner. We stop at every house to check out each others Christmas decorations. First we start off with appetizers, soup and salads, main course and then dessert. We play games and have fun. This year the theme was “candy cane”. I wanted to make as much as I could myself so I could be unique and save some money:)

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Family Trip to Sky Top Apple Orchard

In beautiful North Carolina!


A family trip to Sky Top Orchard in North Carolina is a place you want to be in the fall. They have amazing views and so worth the drive up the mountain. We decided to pack up our bags and go for a little trip. I love when we go on quick little getaways, especially when we have to drive. Usually, people don’t like to drive with two small children but I love it. The kids enjoy it too. Check out THIS blog of activities for the kids in the car.

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Sharing is Caring